Originally Joel, Antoine, Joseph and Andre are all from Congo Brazzaville, but spent 15 years out of the Congo visiting Firstly South Africa, and then Europe.

They returned to the Congo in 2007 from the UK to find a country very different from the one they had left. A civil war had changed everything.

It has taken some time to adjust, and initially upon their return they did not sing together for quite a while. In 2011 however, the Lord called the group to start singing again with an emphasis on evangelism. The group approached Fiona Gennis for support and help. Fiona had many prophecies and words from God to agree to this. She was also told she was to be involved with the group and went out to join them in Feb 2012. That year we joined Kinsundi Evangelical Church of Congo.

We had our first outreach in Kinsundi in the grounds of a local school. This was very successful with a number of people making commitments to the Lord, and many more coming forward to receive healing.

We started monthly Praise and Worship meetings on Saturday nights in Kinsundi Parish. We have had three services for the Army in 2012. We also had an outreach service at a local beauty spot on the banks of the river Congo, called the Cataracts. We are planning another outreach to the Cataracts in March. 

The Group have been approached with a possible visit to sing at a musical Festival in Switzerland in May. Future Plans include evangelistic visits to schools, Prisons, and more open air outreaches. We also feel the Lord plans a fundraising Tour of the United States, to enable us to travel to other countries in Africa .